"Training at SMA has become a part of my life. Through my Shotokan training, I have found self-discipline, self-confidence, motivation to challenge myself both physically and mentally, and an outlet for stress, all qualities I want for my children as well. My daughter now trains at SMA too. Sensei Sue has helped us all better ourselves and challenge ourselves. I love the traditions and respect of the ancient Martial Arts, but the way that SMA members become a family and the way that the Senseis care so much about their students truly make the SMA dojo feel like home."

Dawn - SMA student and mom

"Karate has always been an important part of my life. When I was younger, karate taught me respect, in addition to meeting friends and learning the actual techniques. I still have many friends from karate, and now have the opportunity to teach the future students, to make sure they have as great an experience as me."

Alexander - SMA student

 "No one understands that each student needs a different approach and different motivations for doing karate better than SMA. They take the time to learn the students and help them to reach their best."

​Jenny - mother of 2 SMA students

"SMA has helped my kids improve their individual strengths while teaching them the importance of being part of a team. Each class they look forward to working hard with their SMA family."

Kristina - mother of 2 SMA students

We go to SMA "Because the amazing and wonderful Sonia family has helped turn my girls into strong, confident, respectful, and responsible young women. And because SMA attracts the nicest families around, so many wonderful people!"

Lisa - SMA student and mom

Being part of a team that works hard, teaches leadership, responsibility and has lots of fun and allows for long lasting friendships!!"

Michelle - SMA mom

"SMA's motto may be "Creating True Martial Artists" but in so doing you create a community... a family. 

I love the discipline, confidence, focus, and thoughtfulness SMA has brought to my boys and myself. I believe our training has influenced my career and their education."

Jim - SMA student and dad

"Our family trains at Sterling Martial Arts because it is not just a dojo; it is my daughters’ second home. We came for a fun way to exercise, learn self defense, and build confidence but we have also gained friendships and a sense of community. SMA students are a tight-knit group who support and encourage each other even when they must compete against each other. My daughters want to be in every class offered because Sensei Sue is  an exceptionally skilled Shotokan karate teacher who make the dojo a safe, caring, fun place to learn. I am grateful my family has found this gem right here in Sterling."

Lisa- student and mother of 2 students

"The way that Sensei Sue teaches makes it really fun for the kids but they make sure that the kids are learning the skills they need, too."

SMA Student - 10 years old

From our parents and students...

Sterling Martial Arts