Birthday Parties

At Sterling Martial Arts we offer 3 different types of birthday parties.  Scheduling for a party is done through contacting Sue Sonia at, or 978-973-2484.  The payment and paperwork for the party is done through Sterling Gym (978-422-7655).  Parties last a total of 2 hours, and pricing is based on the number of participants.  The activity portion of the party is done first and can take one to 1 1/4 hours depending on your preference, then the kids move to the party room.  (Tables and chairs provided.)  

Prices:  <11 kids:  $200;  11-20 kids:  $250;  21-30 kids:  $300

Karate Birthday Party

One of our Sensei's leads kids through a series of fun-filled activities and games with a martial arts theme. The final activity is board-breaking. Each child breaks a board and can put their name and date on it for a take-home keepsake! 

Jedi Training Birthday Party

"Obi-Mike-Kanobi" takes his jedi hopefuls through training in light saber, blaster (nerf gun), and other skills needed to be a jedi warrior.  The party concludes with an obstacle course complete with life size Darth Vader target!  (R2D2 usually makes an appearance as well!)

Nerf Party

Multiple Nerf toys are set out for various target shooting activities and games.  The goal here is to let the kids have fun and make a mess that you don't have to clean up at home!