Sterling Martial Arts


TEAM AIKA is a great way for students to display their talents on the tournament circuit. Not only do students compete as individuals, but they also represent the AIKA Federation in team events. Being on the team is a commitment that involves hard work but is well worth the effort. Members are required to attend special workouts and participate in fund raising events. The fundraising helps differ the cost of team uniform, team jacket, and tournament fees. ANY student can join the team; there is no minimum age, rank, or skill level.  


We will support and encourage any students who wish to participate in the sport aspect of karate. There is no required rank to compete, tournaments are set up with age and rank divisions starting at 5 year-old white belts.  The AIKA federation has 3 tournaments per year in which all students participate, but there are many more tournament opportunities.  Our students compete primarily on the IPPONE circuit.



Team AIKONIC is SMA's demo team.  This group of committed students are a part of Team AIKA, but also perform together in demo team competitions and other events.  The competitions typically consist of a 5 minute routine choreographed to music.