• ​​Shotokan Karate & Self Defense 
  • radKIDS & RAD Women's programs
  • Classes for ages 3 and up
  • Family class - adults and kids train together!
  • Competition and Demo Teams

Creating True Martial Artists

  • Gain strength, balance, & flexibility
  • Improve focus & discipline
  • Raise Self Esteem
  • ​Push your physical and mental limits
  • ​Have fun!!!

Be a part of something AWESOME!!!

Being a martial artist is more than kicking and punching; it's a governing way of life. Honesty, integrity, respect, discipline and honor are just a few values of a true martial artist. At SMA, we strive to bring out these values in our students.

Renshi Sue Sonia

Sterling Martial Arts

Located at Sterling Gym

15 Industrial Drive

Sterling, MA  01564