• ​Shotokan Karate & Self Defense
  • radKIDS and RAD Women
  • Classes for all ages 3 & up
  • Competition and Demo teams

Be a part of something AWESOME!!!

Why Join?

A message from our instructors:

Being a martial artist is more than kicking and punching; it's a governing way of
life. Honesty, integrity, respect, discipline, and honor are just a few values of a true
martial artist. At SMA, we strive to bring out these values in our students.

  • Gain strength, balance, and flexibility​
  • ​Improve focus, discipline, and self-esteem
  • ​Push your physical and mental limits
  • Have fun!!

What We Offer

We Love our Students

We have students of all ages and abilities. Everyone joins for a different reason, and we are here to help them reach their goals and realize they can do more than they ever imagined!

Creating True Martial Artists

Sterling Martial Arts